GPS Donation fundraiser CLOSED

Hello everyone I just wanted to let you all know that we have started a donation raffle for the site and show .the reason for this is to keep the site and show going for another year.Alot of members and crew have donated some great prizes to this donation raffle and there may even be more before this is over.Tickets will be available starting JULY-1 2021 tickets will be $5 Dollar donation for every ticket .Ticket sales will end July-31  2021 at midnight EST unless for some reason our fundraising goal is not met then  we will pick another closing Date  .when you purchase a ticket I will send you the last three digits of your ticket number to your email address  also you do not need to be present during drawing to win.   To Purchase tickets click the Donate tab on  the right of this post  and make your donation  $5 dollars for every ticket you want .  Here is a list of the great prizes we have so far there will be a drawing for each prize  also this is only open to members in the USA to save on shipping sorry everyone  Drawings will be held in the order I choose

 1-Up for raffle so far we have from WYgold two great stones one is a geode and the other is a Amathist

 2-Our friend jamin has donated one large uncut ema/egg seer stone

 3-our friends over at JDCustomGrafix is Donating a $50 dollarcredit to be spent on Custom made Stickers  also every winner will receive some stickers pertaining to GPS

 4-next we have a set of 3 metal gold pans from our good friend Ray with a Gold picker included

 5-I am donating some really nice old Silver Coins

 6-Our friend vandal is donating a custom made pendant it is a 3.83 gram 18K gold and nugget Pendant  handmade with gold from oregon,alaska,and north carolina the stone is a oval CZ the nugget is from Ipan4gold

 7-next our buddy Dwight has donated two silver one ounce bars  so that will be two drawings on those

 8-our friend Nick Gall Has donated a one ounce silver prospector round

 9-Our friends over at IPAN4GOLD has added a 6.6 gram  3 nugget,  6 pound-Gold bug paydirt bag value at over $500.00

 10-our very own cohost Dennis Dayton has donated a new Goldclaw production pan

11- next this is from our friends and cohosts the wandering buffalos  they have donated a bag of there buffalo hoard paydirt with  1 gram of gold in it and some great decals and a magnet

 12-Next we have two separate items from our friend and cohost Rich Cooley   he has put up a cronie club mug these are very rare  and his second item is a copper prospector round two separate drawings on those

 13-next we have from our friends over at paystreak goldpanning adventures  a 2.5 pound bag of there paydirt strait from AZ

 14-Next from our west coast cohost Scott swiftwater Toney we have a swiftwater starter Kit that includes a pan and classifier and much more

 15-Our good friend John Hunt has donated a bag of mixed gemstones

  16-Darth Placer has donated two very cool desktop highbankers so these will be two seperate prizes the first one Mini Desktop Cleanup Highbanker, 1 copper round, and 1 1lb bag of Dirt Hogg Paydirt.and the second one is Mini Desktop Cleanup Highbanker, and 1 copper round. the copper rounds were donated by Capt frank darths dad

17- Ole Swiftwater and calm water have added more cool items to our raffle see pictures below,, wireless speaker so you can enjoy some tunes while you dig for gold also a wireless charger and a smart charging station

18 - our buddy Klint over at Goldclaw has added 6 more item to the drawing  I dont have the pics but I know you all know what each item is

- A Blue Production Bundle (Production Pan, Original, Pocket Pan, and paydirt kit)
- A Blue Combo (Original, Pocket Pan, and paydirt kit)
- 4 highly coveted Swirl Production Pans
19-Holly and Rusty Nabity have donated two very cool mini sluices and pan keychains and a bag of paydirt she won of Eds show

if anyone  else wants to donate please do  we thanks you all good luck to everyone and thanks for the support

Pictures of all prizes are below in this post

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  • I shipped out the prizes today.

    Steve add me to your GPS friends list so I can send you the tracking number.

  • if you won a prize please check your email for a message from me I need addresses asap also check your spam inbox

  • 1-paul mendoza -Geode

    2-Charles hansen  -Amathyst

    3 kathie Villa -Sear stone

    4-Rob corsa -Jdcustom graffix sticker giftcard

    5-Phillip Wells -3 steel pans and a picker

    6-josh peet-silver coins

    7-Dallas Sams  -pendant

    8- james Noste-Silver bar

    9-robert rackley-Silver bar

    10-Raymond Brown-Ipan4gold dirt

    11-Chris mschlosser-silver round

    12-kathie Villa-production pan

    13-Dwight Wooten -wondering buffalos dirthoard

    14-charles Hansen -Cronie club mug

    15 Rob corsa -copper round

    16-matthew Dustin -paystreak paydirt

    17-steve frantz -swiftwater starter kit

    18-robert Rackley-gemstones

    19-steve frantz -table top highbanker

    20-rich cooley -table top highbanker

    21-jay wadleigh- electronics from swiftwater

    22- jason johnson-blue production bundle from goldclaw

    23-tom Pinckard-blue combo from goldclaw

    24-Raymond brown-swirl pan from goldclaw

    25-james noste-swirl pan from gold claw

    26-Shad biffle Swirl pan from goldclaw

    27rich cooley-swirl pan from goldclaw

    28-james heller-mini pocket sluice and keychains

    29-james griffin Bag of dirt from holly and rusty

    I need all winners mailing info

  • I will list all winners and i will be in contact with you all congrats and thanks again

  • 2 hours to live drawing

  • Donation raffle is closed I will do a live broadcast Aug 1 at 5pm Est on our youtube channel  and draw the tickets then  good luck everyone  and thank you all again for the support

  • Here is another bag of Dirt this is the one that Holly won on Eds show she is adding it to the raffle   Thanks again Holly


  • Wow, an awesome set of prizes !!!  My deepest thanks for all the donations !!!  You are all incredible !!

  • our buddy Klint over at Goldclaw has added 6 more item to the drawing  I dont have the pics but I know you all know what each item is

    - A Blue Production Bundle (Production Pan, Original, Pocket Pan, and paydirt kit)
    - A Blue Combo (Original, Pocket Pan, and paydirt kit)
    - 4 highly coveted Swirl Production Pans
  • All you must do to get tix is click the donate tab and for every $5 donated Tim will send you a ticket number.. Thank you Tim for doing this again!!! Hopefully my luck is with me as it was last year lol..
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