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Here is the Big fundraiser we have been talking about  Tickets will be a five Dollar donation to the site for every five dollars you donate you get a ticket  .There will be many items up for grabs .how ever many items we have thats how many  tickets will be drawn.. The fundraiser will start today and end on july 6 with the drawing on july 7 ..items will be added as we go if you have a item to donate post pics of it in this post

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The first item is a bag of mixed cut gemstone from my collection from Tim



Two bags of Paydirt from our buddy Keith 


Metal Detector from Dennis Dayton

12532264073?profile=RESIZE_400xtwo more bags of paydirt from Tim


WYGold is puttin up this ring he found


rich cooley put up another cronie club mug 


rob put up 2 bags of dirt see below for details


Jeron just Added two classifiers a 30 mesh and a 50 mesh - Two seperate Drawings

12633224091?profile=RESIZE_400xHere is a cool clock



And A very cool Diarama also added



John Hunt is adding a cool picker

12640568892?profile=RESIZE_400xDarth just added one of his table top highbankers


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  • Darth just added his table top high banker

  • more great stuff added today

  • John Hunt is adding a 0.19 gram picker to the raffle No description available.No description available.

  •  GPS how do I get in

  • Also a 6" 30 mesh classifier 12633205258?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • I'm adding a 6" 50 mesh classifier 12633205258?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • If you donate to the fundraiser be sure to check your spam mail if you dont get your ticket numbers   Thank you

  • 12619963863?profile=RESIZE_930x

    picture of the 2 bags of paydirt that I've donated. Each bag will contain .25 grams of gold dug out of Arizona

  • I will be donating 2 bags of Arizona Dirt w/ .25 grams of gold in each bag.

    along with this 10k Gold CZ Diamond Ring to the raffle.


  • 2 bags of paydirt donated by Keith N2 $20 paydirt bags

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