On 2/17/12, California Department of Fish & Game issed their NEW PROPOSED Suction Dredging Regulations.  While it is still ILLEGAL to Dredge in California, these new Regulations are a step toward lifting the current 5-year Moratorium imposed by SB670 and AB120.

The new regulations are ridiculously restrictive and there is an Public Commet Period only until 3/5/12.  As a Board Member of Public Lands for the People, Inc. (PLP), we are asking everyone with a vested interest in dredging on a claim located in California to submit their comments and criticisms immediately.  You can view the new proposed regulations at Cal. DF & G's web site:  http://www.dfg.ca.gov/.

In addition, PLP is requesting that those same parties fill out a Form regarding the harm that will be caused if these new regulations go into effect.  This form can be downloaded from our web site:http://plp1.org , or Attached HERE PROPOSED%20REG%20FORM%20NEW.pdf or you may e-mail me at: public.relation@plp1.org

These two actions are extremely important.  Filling in the PLP Form will help us formulate STATISTICS on the kind of "LOSS" Potential for small-scale miners as a result of any implementation of the new regs.

PLEASE help us fight these unjust restrictions to our Federally Granted Mining Rights!  Also, if you are not familiar with PLP, we are the only Non-Profit Organization in the country that is fighting in court to preserve your mining rights.  While members of the Board of PLP are ALL volunteers and receive NO COMPENSATION, our Lawyers require payment to represent us in court.  Your DONATIONS and MEMBERSHIP are the most important way we are able to obtain the funds necessary to pay these legal fees.

If you haven't yet joined PLP or haven't donated, please consider it NOW! We are currently in litigation on seven (7) law suits, simultaneously.  We also have a GREAT Raffle that you can obtain tickets for.  Our Grand Prize is a TWO WEEK TRIP TO ALASKA ON THE GPAA ALASKA ADVENTURE!

PLEASE VISIT OUR WEB SITE AT: http://plp1.org for more information, explanation of what PLP does, Buy Raffle Tickets, Join PLP, and/or make DONATIONS!


Gary Goldberg, Director

Public Relations

Public Lands for the People, Inc.

a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization




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