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I'm making Face Shields for First Responders

Hey everyone I am 3d printing face shields as part of a coordinated effort to supply healthcare workers/first responders/fire/EMS/Police etc with protective gear they do not have to help them from contracting COVID-19.

So far I have produced 600 shields with my own printer, and our group is closing in on 6000 served to date. We do however need more funding to keep this going. If any of you are willing to help please consider donating on this link.

GoFundMe Link Removed (project ending) Thank you for donating.

It helps us obtain 3d printing filament, plastic sheets, and most importantly shipping costs. So far this effort has been serving mostly the east coast but we are now shifting to supplying FEMA with this much needed PPE. If you are a healthcare worker or first responder and in need of these shields please do get in touch with me and I can get you and your group on the list to receive them.

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