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  • Looks like the razorback matting.  This stuff works great and it's very effective for low water volume.  I have mine in a homemade stream sluice with some ur matting at the start.  

  • Guy, I believe so, definitely not Ur, nor river hog, bedrock, maybe razor back. Can't remember off the top of my head
  • is that scrubber mat?

  • ill take pictures of my homemade sluice and show how I have my tape

  • the tape should come up to the top of the tallest riffle

  • wow man you got lucky.  make sure your mats are extremely tight against the sides .

  • I truely love my Gold Hog mats. just dont forget to put gorilla tape on the side or risk losing gold out the side

  • very Nice.. enjoy them buddy

  • My Gold Hog matts!   Thanks Gold Hog and THANK YOU peeps at the gold prospectors space !!    sooo happy :)

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