All gold for 2014 0.512 gram

Thomas posted his take for 2014, so I thought I would too. This is my first year. Seems like it should be more. Doesn't look like it, but there are over 3000 colors. Hundreds and hundreds of pans. Weight is 0.512 grams. That single 3/8 inch flake (looks like South America) is about 1/4 the total weight. I got that at Owen Putnam State Forest.
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  • Jim - Not all of it came from Owen Putnam, but about 70% did.  I probably made 10 trips up there this year.  I also just like hanging out there - nice country.  I am getting to know the place pretty well and expect to do better this year.  Anybody wants to meet up that would be great.  We can take each other to our 3rd favorite spot.  See Guy's comment lol.  If not, I think Central branch will do an outing there in the spring.

  • That's just beautiful Randy, do even better this year. That's more gold than I have found in the 4 years I've been going over there.

  • that is good gold for Indiana beat my first year and 2nd year
  • Salt creek also has good gold. but I wont tell you my favorite spot.

  • That big one was near the top of a small 1 inch crack that I had stepped over a dozen times.  Dropped me to my knees when I saw it in the pan.  haha

  • Looks great Randy. Beat my first year of Indiana gold. I've never found anything that big in Owen Putnam.

  • Looks great my friend! Dont worry about the weight of it. Now that you have the skills and experience to get it just keep at it and your golden day will come. Isn't it amazing how much gold it can take to make an ounce.

    And they say its heavy :P

    Keep at it Randy! Sure is some beautiful gold you have there!

  • Looks nice ty!

  • fantastic Randy, great job on your first year of prospecting.
  • very nice todd way to go keep at it ut will grow to be lots more just keep adding it

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