Hookstown, PA

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  • Hi William,

    sorry it took me over a year to accept the friend request-been too busy prospecting. Trying to figure out this site. Was going to post a video but me and computers don't see eye to eye most of the time. Hope this finds you happy and well and lots of color in your sluice

  • Howdy William, Thanks for the invite and Im up for a chat anytime!

  • Hey, thanks for adding me up.  Haven't seen those near Whitehall, but any info would be great!  I did a quick web search and came up empty.  If/when you get to MT, send me a note, I'd love to scratch up some color and enjoy a day outdoors!  Thanks again.

  • Hey Bill, how the heck are you? I plan on helping Ted this year. Hope to see you this summer. Hopefully the ground will be defrosted by then. What a crappy winter every where! I bought a new Keen hopper for my A52, and traded my old dry washer to Blaine for a 3.5 hp trash pump and all the hoses and fittings. Im ready to go NOW, but mother nature sure isn't. I lost your phone #.Mine is  406-417-0621. Take care and see ya soon. Jim. 

  • hi Bill, small world:) look for me up the club meeting next saturday, if you make it.


  • Hi William

    I love the bus it holds everything I need when I went to Alaska last year I was 38,000lbs leaving with all the oil and supplys I needed for 2 months. I was able to get another 500 gal of wvo in fairbanks that all most got us home.Took 4 tanks of diesel. I use just waste oil in the bus. I start it on diesel and when its hot enough I swich to WVO. It has worked great for me. I didn't pay a lot for the bus so I don't feel I have lost anything in it.Less then $2500.00

  • Hi Bill.... thanks for the friend request.  I'm in Buffalo, NY.  I have a claim in South Dakota.

  • When are you going to be in mt? I've got some placer ground by Radersburg. Maybe I can meet up with you there.  Ted
  • Hello Bill and thank you for the invite.

    We go to the Frazee Claim in Mount Vernon. Very clean place nice water to work in. Water is down to 4.5 it's going close to digging time. I'm thinking about building my own dregde 3". got most of it off of e-bay. I'll let you know went were going next, sooner the better lol. Oh by the way we do fine color there all fine stuff.

  • Bill,

    Gosh, Man, how ya doing?? That was a fun day at Bear Foot. You headed back down this way anytime soon? For a Yankee, you were a pretty nice fellow!! I wouldn't mind spending another day with ya pulling gold outta da ground.
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