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  • All the videos I have seen on gold prospecting show lots of lead being pulled from the streams. I read the regs on-line and thought the regs said the WA State APPS forms were required since 2017...
  • Were you here that rumor? Just curious. I actually sit on the rule making group for mining in wa. & boy are the rumors running... Take my word for it when i say nothing is changing this year or next year... just wait and watch for or news release coming soon. a couple of us are actually training wdfw biologist this wednesday and wdfw has required them to be there. 

  • Ok it scared me a lot. I read the forms and Idaho looks better. Less restrictions. We need to overturn the regs and restrictions.
  • That hasn't happened yet its in the works for next year

  • Washington state APPS and Washington Fish and wildlife department make you fill out forms and get permits to dredge is my understanding of situation.
  • Who says you can't dredge in Wa.... let alone the columbia?

  • Columbia River moves pretty fast along the way and as you know you can't dredge...
  • Go check along the Columbia river that is where all the gold at cape disappointment is coming from.

  • Hey. Only get West to Spokane and Seattle in the Summer. Looking for other spots other than Cape Disappointment. Thanks
  • Hello fellow miners,

    I recently joined the site and today found this group. I am catching up on the older post and look forward to being part of this community.

    All the Best,
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Best Organization to Join?

Ok background first.  Im disabled. Though im still productive at the 9-5 grind and push paper just fine. (Neuropathy in both hands and both feet that cause dangerous painful cramping and full loss of control of limbs at times, so driving is best limited) But I cant drive long distances anymore without stopping every 30-45 min. I am in Bellevue so driving to Liberty or up by the Canadian border isnt such a good idea. Im looking at joining an org or two.  But as you know, no one lists their…

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Methow Valley

Hey Group,  Has anyone done much prospecting in the Methow Valley? Just got access to a claim or two in that area and wondering how it is. I know the area is rich in mining history. any info or photos you guys have of the area would be great. AO

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Working a dry wash

Hello All,  I will be doing some work this summer in a dry wash the claim runs six miles up a drywash with a small creek, most if not all of the gold has been found outside of the creek up on the hill sides. so my question is what do you look for if you are going to work a drywash? I would like to have a starting point. NorthWestAU

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