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  • The update on our trip was a bit less than I would have liked to have found.  We spent several days trying to scout out some ground that hasn't been completely pillaged.  Unfortunately, our precious little state hasn't experienced a notable amount of rain in many years and thus material has remained stationary for way too long.  Any exposed areas have been gone over time and time again with no fresh gold being deposited and too little water velocity to be able to successfully move overburden aside.

    However, I did manage to scrape three pennyweight of flake out of some cracks that some other prospector failed to thoroughly clean out.  On the third day I dug out a crevice that channeled down to a "V" at the river floor , which held a nice 12 gram gold and quartz specimen (quite rare for this location!).  I have in the past found gold nuggets with quartz attached, but never the other way around.  I have calculated the gold content to be close to 10 grams. 

    We desperately need some substantial rain this year or this location will be stricken from my visitation list.  Hope all went well with your endeavors this year.     

  • Best of luck.with your sniping trip.n hope the back operation is successful.still a little cold for the Scottish burns atb.midas
  • Well kiddies,  a friend and I are heading back up to the Bear River, CA. for a couple of weeks of getting the yeller stuff.  My friends initial training is complete and I have outfitted him to handle the deeper water so he has no excuses not to bring home some good amounts.  This will probably be my last chance to do any sniping before major back surgery so I have to take it.

    Last year he and I got into some good areas and will be doing some additional exploring this time around.  Will be in the Bear R. campground area 6/23 through 7/8, maybe we might meet on the trail. Good luck to you all and go get some gold!

  • Thank you looking forward to connecting with you
  • Healthy n Happy New Year to you all.

    May this be your year for that "'nugget",n much color in your pan!

  • Life time sniper Jason McClung of Grants Pas Oregon died on 12-11-14 at the age of 72. Biggest nugget was a 6.5 oz growler he found on the head waters of Greens Creek on the head of Indian Creek. He was a active hunter gather and had not had a real job since 1967. You never got skunked if you went with him on one of his adventures. He was well known in the snipers circles around Grants Pass. Steve

  • Well, I guess it's time for a new wetsuit.  My old trust worthy unit is falling apart and very well ventilated under both armpits (which doesn't do much good to keep me warm).  Since Santa refused to give me a new suit in my stocking, I am forced to get it myself.  The last one lasted about eight seasons of  hard abuse so I can't really complain.  Now if Spring will just hurry up and get here, I can get back in the water for some more hunting.  Oh hum (tapping my fingers).

  • As winter rears it's ugly head, I can't help the overwhelming urge to get back into the water and explore those stone clogged crevices for that shiny yellow rock.  Have fun out there!

  • Well kids, the water is real low on the west coast.  I hope you get the opportunity to get in those spots that have been inaccessible in the past and get your fortunes.  It's out there, we just gotta go after it! 

  • hi all my fellow miners. I have a new sniping tool in the daily deals section. I hope you all take a look at it if you are into sniping. It works great and cuts down on the effort necessary to get good gold in your buckets. I have a special price for our members, and can deliver to california residents in the san jose to grass valley areas i travel up to do my mining weekly. all you need is a garden tractor battery and some weight to hold it on the bottom with you. it has a 30 foot cord and a switched 1100 gph pump. this is a really great tool to have in your tools.

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Deep snipping

  I've had several people in the past ask me how deep can you snipe. My answer has always been ; as deep as you can!  This is no thing for a nubie to under take on there own! In order to do this kind sniping you must use a Hooka rig. These can be bought at any  dive shop or  from Keene Engineering. Use of this equipment, or Scuba; requires  at least a little training befor using . Best to get this at a dive shop!  In the right place this can be a great way to find gold. This is beyond  the…

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