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  • hi Shawn i am in Granville county near butner i dont know of any decent spots yet but im constantly looking. i havent done any  dredging yet i mostly highbank, its nice to see someone close by

  • Any place that's a good payout for dredging in nc that's close to Raleigh
    I've been going to a secret spot and have found lots of super fine gold but no real pickets yet. I'm going not this weekend but next.
    Would meet up with some People for a weekend of gold hunting.
    Text me at 919-279-2558
  • Is anyone on the list in the club out of lucky Strike? I was up there a few weeks ago with my club (Orlando GPAA) and heard a rumor they had picked up a number of new clams or at least sites for the club. Can anyone conform this and is the club worth joining?

    We did not do great but there was gold both in the dirt by the load and with the 2 day run on there plant. I got some out of the river but mostly fine. We had fun and the staff is great. probably the biggest reason I'm looking at the club from down in Fl.

  • Sam you can go to Mountain Creek and Bill Tucker can set you up. Lucky Strike will bring out a load of dirt for High-banking and you can do panning. You can have a great time.

  • Sam sorry my spelling is off Mt Creek 

  • Sam try My Creek Gold Mine in New London good people and good gold  

  • Sam if you go to the bottom of the main page you will see event's, if there's something going on it will be posted there. And you can get a hold of the minds themselves like Lucky strike or thermal city they have outings that they put on themselves, nothing going on that I know of this time of year. You can also check with Bill at

  • any outings coming up and how do i get in on them

  • Cherokee County North Carolina

    Along the Valley River, several years ago, me and my friend Jim Labuz dredged with a 3" dredge with air. We found some nice gold, but we froze our ass off. We did this in early spring. I would love to go back and try this place again.


    Southeast of Marble along the Valley River, in gravel deposits you can find placer gold. Northwest of Marble, in the Snowbird Mountains is the Parker Mine.


    Southeast of Murphy there were numerous mines that produced lode gold. The No. 6 mine is located here.


    East of Unaka 1.5 miles, on the road to Murphy, along Beaverdam Creek is some good placer gold.


    All regional mountains extending from town 12 to 15 miles to Vengence Creek, along the lower slopes in creek and slopewash gravels is some placer gold. Many area prospects for placer.

  • It is in a good area, so I would jump at the opportunity. You may be able to cut a deal that is fair to both of you. Good Luck.  Dickb

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