For those living and/or prospecting in the Mojave desert.

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  • My club has claims at Randsburg and I go there a often, gold locked up in clay in the placers.
  • Thank you looking forward to connecting with you
  • I am inkingmen. Will be on MPA claim next couple of months. 

  • Hellow everyone.
    I have been trying to find all of the gps coordinates to the gpaa claims . Dose anyone have any suggestions on where to get these . The book only gives a couple corners at best. I want to enter thease # in my gps unit to help me know weather I'm within the boundary of the claims
  • Thanks Sue 

    I also stay at the Escapees in Congress they have a gate and you can ATV to Stantion  and the claims from there. Ask as there is a lot of private land. 

  • If in Kingman area, the MPA club has excellent claims in the gold basin.  There is where I found my biggest piece of gold - almost a picker  lol.


  • When we are not staying at Mohave Valley, we stay at South Cove RV park in Meadview.  You have ATV access roads out your door and the lots are big.  Water, elect, and sewer are part of the rent.  We will be there next fall.  GPAA Claim # 10 is just around 3 miles from there.


  • Gary we want to be here until April. In Kimgman for some of the time gpaa and MPA have claims here there is a park in kingman and in golden valley 

  •  how long you going to be there dan ? ---leaving the u.p. this weekend---looking for a campground with at least an outhouse that i can atv out of to go prospecting .  tired of this below o temps --gonna stay out there till april

  • Wish I could join you Dan but it would take me 5 days to get there.  Besides I would miss all this glorious COLD weather in Michigan.  It was already up to -5 today.  We used to go up to the gold basin.  Had lots of fun up there.  Hope you find some gold.

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