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  • My mining partner(my father) passed away, and I am looking for a new mining friend. I have a car, but it is not up to long trips. I also have a job that I need to work around. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

  • I'm going to Sevenmile Creek with a group of friends. Not far from Grand Marais...

  • @Rich Gold... where are you going on Lake Superior?

  • Hi friends! I'm new to GPS and to the hobby. I'm looking for info regarding rules, regulations and restrictions (the 3 R's lol) for Lake Superior sands. I'll be up there in Oct. Thanks!

  • Welcome to the group Brandon! We’re not as active in here as we once were. I’d love to turn that around. Seems life makes us busy and we don’t have much time to spend on the fun stuff.

  • I haven't been out at all. Keep test panning until you find you find a few colors
  • went out to a creek in Saint Joes County found 1 color. I have been out mushroom hunting more then gold prospecting.

  • Welcome to the group Sarah
  • Welcome new members!
  • I ran 2 test pans on a creek in flint and found 2 colors. I was on a gravel bar where the river flows when the creek is high. I didn't get down to any depth though because I didn't take a shovel
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Tawas area!

Hi guys!  I have a gold cube and i've had it for a few years now I have a rock crusher that I use with it.. mostly i take a few trips to the U.P. a few times a year and prospect for rocks to crush I have had lots of luck crushing the huge chunks of pyrite from the Keweenaw.. also Ishpiming has some great specimens! I haven't tried the rivers around here but if theres any one close that would like to head out with me i'm willing to give it a shot ! 

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LDMA & GPAA and Guest

Athens LDMA Camp Common Dig Outing — MichiganCome join the fun and support the Athens Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association Camp. Three-day and five-day digs will be held June 15-19 at the camp (about 25 miles south of Battle Creek, Mich.) This locally organized camp event is open to members of the LDMA, GPAA and guests. Reservations are required for the digs. The outing will feature a common dig, g... See More

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2016 outings

It's warming up here in Michigan and it's time to start looking at what we want to do as a group. Mike Pung will be at muskellonge the first week of August this year, I'm thinking Aug 5-8 for our 4th annual "Beach Storm" outing. In past years that's been our only get together and we've had a blast. I'm looking for input from you guys on locations and dates for other events.

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