• Did you find a panning buddy yet? Would love to bring my toys out and prospect it with you.
  • I'm in the Bath area. Have panned a bit east of the US127 bridge - not good there. I assume you are west of Lansing. I've waded and fished from Airport Rd to Portland and know the river improves. Your description sounds interesting. Let me know if you would like to do some prospecting some time.

  • Have you done any sampling? Be happy to and bring some gear to give ya a hand.
  • Other side of Lansing. I have what I think is a great spot. Tons of cobble, large boulders, and a curve with a large cliff that has cut into the bedrock. Also, my stream is all cobble.

  • Where ya at on looking glass? I'm close to looking glass where it crosses Woodbury rd. There's some good gravel down river from there.
  • I am looking to unload some of my smaller gold to finance my next dredge trip this spring.

    Is any one interested?

  • I Currently live in Sanilac Co. but grew up in Eaton Co. and have fished the Looking Glass.

    I would love to join you and do some sampling some weekend.

  • The Looking Glass. I panned for a few hours last summer. Found tons of black, magnetic sand and little nuggets of iron pyrite. I am thinking about getting a gold cube out there.
  • Out by Perry what river are you on?
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