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  • Hello ! I just moved from Las Vegas to beautiful Lake Havasu, AZ.
    I'm looking forward for any help in identifying the various type of rocks that carry the gold. I'm finding Pyrite in my back yard. Lol
    Pictures always help.
    Thank you all .
  • I will be in Stanton Arizona The first two weeks of march any one who would like to join me let me know
  • How did the claims in Wickenburg go?

  • I am in the process of buying several mining claims in Arizona if anyone would like to join me and dig let me know
  • I am in the process of starting a small scale minning project if you know anyone who would like to work let me know
  • Thank you for welcoming me to the group I am looking forward to connecting with you
    I am in the process of buying several mining claims in Arizona when the deal is done I would like to welcome you to my claims
  • I'm thinking about joining GPAA to start out my new venture. How many claims do they have in Central AZ. I would like to know before I join or if there any good. Or what other clubs that I can join that are good. Also I'm looking to buddy up with some fellow prospectors and start exploring the area.

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm new to Central Az moving to Clarksdale by the end of April. I know about lynx creek. Looking to do a little dry washing any suggestions.. I don't have a membership with a club yet. Just exploring right now. Looking to team up with some new folk in the area to start with. Open for any suggestions.

  • Great day at the Gold Show out in Mesa yesterday!


  • Mesa bound!!
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first time snowbird

just retired and will spend some time digging for yellow in az.  my question is whats the regulation,s for nonresident atv,s ?  they are registered in mich , the state website isn,t very clear. thanks   Gary

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Gold places to prospect

just barely joined and getting into prospecting does any one no or can suggest a good place to start in az which claims are the best" and what do most people use joinnong the gpaa and what are the local clubs and also next outings thanks

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where to go next

Im haveing trouble finding places to go prospecting i have been working linx creek and i am haveing trouble finding places to go that are open to the public. Any suggestions on where i can go would be apriciated. I live in glendale az, so if there are any places closer to me it would be great,

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