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  • Greetings My Brothers and Sisters! My name is Jase Hamlin, and I am US Army, Retired. I'm so honored to be a part of this group, and I hope to learn as much about prospecting as I can from Y'All. I reside in Northern Utah, and would love to get together with others from this area; however, I've heard there is only flour gold here, sigh - lol.
    • Flour gold is still good gold. I’ll gladly show you amazing sluice set ups to catch that gold
    • Thanks, Yes, I would appreciate it. I have the Gold Hog Multi-Sluice (which has captured a few flakes) and a Royal Miller Table. Other than that, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm wondering if I'm just looking in the wrong spots, lol! But Thanks, I would appreciate any input...
  • Thank for the invite

  • Hi Robert! Welcome.

  • Hello From South Carolina

    US Army SF  10th, 11th Group

    45oth Ord

    102 Tng Bat.

  • Hello from Virginia.

  • Thank you to all you veterans for your service!

  • USMC 1967-1970  VN 68-69 Fox 2/8  Third Marine Division    Good to see a Veterans group

  • USAF Retired 1993-2014.  Looking forward to some good information and comraderie

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Are moms allowed?

My son(now deceased) was a member of  the  United States Army National Guard 3/178th Palmetto Thunder in Lancaster South Carolina,... He never made it  to active battle, or even to basic training, as he passed away before he could go,.. he was enlisted, and ready to serve his country before his untimely death,...  9 days from his 18th birthday.... He was a Private First Class and he did get partial military rites,... TAPS and a flag that I now proudly and lovingly display,.. Thank You to all…

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I looked for a link to join this honorable group and this is the only way I found if this is right. I am a WW2 Army and Airforce vet joining in 1942 in school as an aviation cadet. I trained as a ball turret, B17 gunner and served as a maintenance chief and flight engineer in Germany and France. Happy to see and join this distiguished group of fellow vets. Al Simpkins

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