I'm making Face Shields for First Responders

Hey everyone I am 3d printing face shields as part of a coordinated effort to supply healthcare workers/first responders/fire/EMS/Police etc with protective gear they do not have to help them from contracting COVID-19.

So far I have produced 600 shields with my own printer, and our group is closing in on 6000 served to date. We do however need more funding to keep this going. If any of you are willing to help please consider donating on this link.

GoFundMe Link Removed (project ending) Thank you for donating.

It helps us obtain 3d printing filament, plastic sheets, and most importantly shipping costs. So far this effort has been serving mostly the east coast but we are now shifting to supplying FEMA with this much needed PPE. If you are a healthcare worker or first responder and in need of these shields please do get in touch with me and I can get you and your group on the list to receive them.

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  • It was our pleasure to help

  • I received orders tonight to stop 3D printing face shields once my roll of filament runs out. The project is at "idle" for the time being. The final pieces/surplus will go to COVID hot zones.

    With that said I have removed the link to the GoFundMe. I would like to thank all those who donated. Take a bow, as without those funds we could never have printed as many shields as we did.

    I am waiting on the final tally for the group but know it was over 15,000 ... closer to 18,000 is my guess.

    Of which I personally produced 1400 at a rate of 2 every 34 minutes since March 30th. Roughly 400 hours of 3d printing and 21 spools of filament. With many hours of troubleshooting and taking care of breakdowns thrown in the mix.

    Anyways, with the group being at idle we are ready to start back up if things get out of hand again. Hopefully manufacturers can keep up with the demand.

    Thanks again GPS for the support of this project.

  • Thank you for donating Tim G, Kathleen Biffle, and Capt Frank (aka Dad) !!! The support from you all, is greatly appreciated.

    From the donations of GPS members alone... it is roughly enough to produce 500 face shields and cover shipping to healthcare workers that currently have nothing. 500 more healthcare workers can show up to work tomorrow and do their jobs without fear. It makes a tremendous difference in their mental well being..... while helping to stop the spread.

    You guys are awesome!!!!

  • Thank you for your donation Talon... you guys are great. Thank you very much.

  • My group so far has produced over 10,000 of these as of this week. Weekly numbers are growing exponentially as we add more people and printers to the cause. It is making a difference.

  • Donated

  • Thank you for donating Dwight. It helps.

    If any of you know of a healthcare worker, first responder, fire, police, nursing home etc that is in need please do get in my ear. My group can help.

    As it stands many of them are afraid to go to work, as they cannot get basic protection. These are the very same people that take care of us in our time of need. This is why I do this!!!

  • Thanks Bob... it's greatly appreciated.

  • Donation sent! Thanks Darth youre doing a great service for a lot of important folks :)

  • Thanks Tim.. kinda embarrassed I missed that.

    If anyone can afford to donate a couple of bucks it does help a ton. 

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