Got indian bracelet ID :)

With help from another site I got some cool info on the Indian bracelet I found a couple days ago. It was made by Arrow Novelty Co. Fred Harvey era. 1920s to 1940s. I believe its called railroad jewelry that was mass produced in the southwest and sold at train stops as souvenirs from the reservations.


Heres a close up of the makers mark....


The arrow is for Arrow Novelty Co. Inside the arrow it says "coin" and "900". So it is made from 90% coin silver :) I thought it was plated but turns out its just wicked tarnished. Ive dug a lot of bracelets but this is only my second silver one and love it :)

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  • Thanks! I've found a lot of cool pieces of history over the years. This is one of my favs and has a special pushpin it hangs on over my monitor :)

  • That is so cool! A piece of history. Thanks for sharing it

    Take good care


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