cool stairs all the way down... This is just small part.
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  • Yes. Jarvey road. I was tipped off by a guy down in Rhinlander, at a gas pump. He said he was talking to an old timer who said if he bought him a beer, he'd tell him where to find gold. he did, and he did. The guy said him and his wife, and little kid found 4 or 5 ounces, just panning on the weekends... I think he may be talling the truth. But you never know. he offered to come up and dig. Maybe i should give him a call? If anything hewas a pretty cool dude:) I was wearing my GPAA hat. That started the conversation.

  • yea  that,s the road you can take all the way to little girls point--i decided to take south boundry road all the way to the porkies --big mistake-- 1 mile into ontonogan county i had to lock it in 4 wheel drive--1/2  a mile latter i turned around  2 ft. of snow on the roads yet   we will connect one of these days

  • I was around there Sunday too Gary... Wish I would've read the board here first. We could have met up. My wife and I took a left right after gorge falls. Maple creek road. When you hit the bridge a few miles in, you can go left up the  river about a 1/4 mile. Another nice falls. Cant remember the name.  It ends in wee.

  • O yea--think i,ll head up there this afternoon

  • No Gary Its The Black river north of Bessemer. :)

  • i have found fossels and small agates down there at the mouth of the Presque Isle .  

  • Is this Presque Isle?  Looks familiar!


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