Tim G (Creator) posted a status
Jun 7
I am sorry to inform everyone this might b the last month for GPS I cant do this anymore after my facebook was hacked I am tired if anyone interested in the site let me know text me or message me here only it has been a great ride for sure love you all my dearest friends

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  • We appreciate you tim dont give up bud

  • Thanks guys just alot of stress and worrie is
    Making me want to give it all up
  • We appreciate all your hard work we would hate to see you go
  • Sorry to hear it brother. I know you have been ready to pull the plug many times. Do some soul searching, but if it's time it's time. It's not easy to keep this site up and running for sure. We both know it is nearly impossible to keep people happy now-a-days. Anyone who takes this site on and the show, is damn near a 24/7 job. If I can do anything for ya Tim let me know.
  • WOW , say it aint so !!! Somehow some way GPS must servive, wont be the same without you Tim you have been a lifes blood to GPS
  • i message you bud let me know
  • i want the site buddy ill keep it going
  • tim calling you
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