Denver, CO

What type of prospecting do you do?

Prospecting with lots of digging!

Do you belong to any clubs?


What kind of equipment do you use?


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  • Thank you so much Sara, we'll see you there!
  • Hi Sara! I wasn't aware of the GPR potluck. I haven't talked to Klondike in a couple of months. Could you possibly call or text me and let me get some info about it?? 719-465-4991
  • Part II

    To use, drop a 1" - 1 1/2' rock in and start working the ram up and down as fast as you can. You can place the body on a hard surface if you like but this one is easy on the arms to just hand hold. Makes it easy out in the field to check rocks quickly


    After about 20 -30 seconds dump the material into a screen and then take the larger pieces and put them back into the crusher and give them another round.


    Keep doing this until all the parts are ground as fine as you want. You can grind a 1 - 2" rock to powder in about 2 - 3 minutes with this. After the first round of crushing you can drop the material on a miller table or pan it out to see if there is any gold. If not then move on to another rock. If gold is found then you can crush the rest of the rock.

    You can make another mini crusher out of 2" pipe to break up the larger rocks to use in the mini. It also has a 10" body with a 12" ram. It is quite heavy and I can only crush 2 rocks with it and then I'm through whereas the mini I can go for about 4 hours at a time. So I only use it to break a larger rock into smaller pieces.

    2960247204?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024For the larger rocks that won't fit in the big pipe I use a small sledge hammer and 2 masons chisels to break the rocks into smaller pieces. You can buy these cheap at Harbor Freight either online or in a store near you.

    I live in an area where there is not much access to streams with gold in them but there are a lot of rocks around with gold in them so this is how I get a lot of my gold. I hope this has been of some help to you. Have a great day and many golden pans to you.

  • Hi Sara, thanks for the birthday wishes. Afraid I'm getting too many birthdays.

    Anyway here in the PM messaging there is a bit more room for messages than on the main page. I'll pass along some things that I use and you can see if they will work for you. This may take a couple of messages to complete.

    This is the crusher that Ken was telling you about. It's a 2" - 4" pipe welded onto a 1/2" steel plate. The end of the ram is a solid steel rod. Works well but slow. It takes about 30 - 45 minutes to crush a rock to powder depending on how hard it is. Great for breaking up larger rocks into smaller ones to pulverize in a smaller crusher.


    Put together and ready to go. Sit in your easy chair, put your feet on the flat bar and pound. Main disadvantage is ram is too wide and spreads out the impact force too much so it takes quite awhile to pulverize a rock. But it's good for breaking up a larger rock into smaller pieces to use in the main mini crusher.


    I make prospecting videos on how to build cheap equipment and so this is some pics from my next video.

    These are a little pricey to buy as pipe nipples but you may be able to find a source where you can get them cheaper. One would be to buy a 12" pipe from Home Depot and have them cut it to 10" if they will.

    This one is the main work horse for crushing. Its lightweight portable and easy on the muscles to use. It has a 1 1/2" pipe body with a cap. The best length is 10" but this one is an 8" because they didn't have 10" in a pipe nipple. You will want to wrap the body in tape as they are dirty on the hands otherwise. The ram is a 3/4" pipe with a cap on both ends. Some people fill it with lead buckshot or sand for more weight. I find that makes it harder on the arms over a period of time.

    2960247023?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Put together ready to go.


    Sorry, out of room here will leave another message with the end.

  • Sara thanks for the b'day wish. I have been running late for about a month now. With the store and Taxes hard to keep up.

  • Sara, welcome to the GPS Family from Bill in Statesville, NC. Thanks for joining.

  • Welcome to GPS from Indiana, Hope you enjoy the site

  • Hello Sara enjoy it here at GPS from your new friend in little Minneapolis, North Carolina.
  • Welcome from New Mexico, Sara. Enjoy the site!

  • welcome and thanks for joining us 

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