Sonora, CA

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  • We lived on the paved portion, the road to the right, on the very sharp left turn corner. we belong to LDMA and enjoyed going camping down there, and then coming home to tend to our yard. we were lucky that we sold when we did. Our home and 3 1/2 acres was our retirement and the only way we could make it work was to move out of CA. we were both born and raised there and all our family is there. But we live only about 4 hours from them all. so. Now we enjoy living here in Silver spring, Nv where the glut and greed has not taken over yet. Maybe some day you will be able to move there. and yes the road has always been bad. the only time it is good is when they grade it but it just make the people that live out in Jupiter drive faster and it tears it up real bad. They would like to blame the camp, but not so. After the the last big rain a few years back now it washed the road away in several places, so where it was narrow it has been widened, but it did not make it any smoother....how long has it been since you were there? Jane
  • Still selling lots of stuff here.
    Move is planned for June.
    I will keep you all posted as things strart happening!
    Still got this place for sale.
    Starting to get some nibbles on it.

  • Hi Chris, see you are from Sonora, we lived in Toulumne County for about 30 years. Most of that in Columbia on Italian Bar Rd. so we know where the Pine log is. So you go to meet the Buzzard huh?
  • welcome chris thanks for joining us Tim
  • OK Chris where is some of the gold you have found.
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