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  • So far this year Susie and I have found 4 gold rings, 12 silver rings, various other pieces of gold and silver jewelry, 22 silver coins, and over $300 in clad coins.... also 4 pocket knives,  75 keys and 45 Hotwheels cars. I have been swinging an Etrac and Susie switches between the CTX and her old Bounty Hunter 505.

  • Thats a Barber dime just so you know. First minted in 1909...from my phone yours looks like 1913 :)
  • I added two pics of the 1815 dime to my page if anyone is interested.
  • Would love to see the capped bust dime...bucketlister for me.

  • I have a Fisher F5 and a Sand Shark No Pics, But I my best Finds have been a 1815 dime and a few rings on the beach. Along with the normal clads and trash.

  • cant wait to remove the debris in the yard under that 100 yr old chicken coop to see what we find.  :D  wish we could just burn it all!!

  • Spent about an hour in a park on the north side of our city.  It was HOT outside.  2960246908?profile=original

  • I use the Bounty Hunter Gold Edition and the Garrett Pro Pointer. You can find my finds on my page here on GPS.....

  • Awww ! that's cool collection ! Thanks Lucy . Another helping hands especially the little ones are always welcomed , lol .

  • Received my new Waterproof Pin Pointer today!!  Woohoo....and thanks for the hat John!

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