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  • Anyone have any tips on finding color on eagle eye up by Nemo
  • Anyone ever pan in Gary, SD?

  • will do

  • Tom, I live in Sioux Falls.  If your chance comes along let me know.

  • I'm waiting to see if employer will give me a relo package and if they do I'll be moving to Sioux Falls. Can't wait.

  • was born there and lived there want to go back some day

  • Hi:

    Hope to scratch around them hills looking for the yella stuff. My bucket list just keeps getting longer. HA HA


  • The GPAA claims should be marked on the edges of the claims although sometimes it is difficult to see the markers.  The Black Hills Prospecting club also has claims scattered around the Hills and are not affiliated with the GPAA so you would need to be a club member to be on their claims.  Many of the creeks run with seasonal water from snow melt and are cold even in July and August.

  • i went to the 4 claims in south dakota last year. no one was sure where the claim started upstream. i wasn't sure about anything until i fell into the water and found out how cold it was. then i did it again. i am really itching to go back to south dakota. the weather here in illinois is like summertime.

  • I was at Husker this past week and there is good water flow for sluicing. Didn't get to work it as was having vehicle issues, but those that were there were getting some color.
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Husker #1 Outing

Howdy Gang, For all the GPAA members on here, the Northwest Wyoming's Prospectors Club (GPAA Gillette chapter) is having an outing at the Husker #1 next Saturday, May 8th. Since there isn't any South Dakota chapter anymore, we decided to invite any other members that would like to come. This isn't a big organized outing. We're a small chapter. I expect no more than 10 members of our chapter to come, so there'll be room for any one else that wants to come along. Prospective members are welcome.…

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Husker Claim

Howdy Gang, Stopped by the Husker claim yesterday. Water's running strong. No snow and weather was beautiful. No time to do any sluicing, but had to check it out and report the findings. Get there while the getting is good! Good Luck, Tom

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