North Dakota dose have gold too.

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  • Well just a little update we are working hard on finding a claim or claims for the club in SD. We do have two spots in ND for club outing this summer.

  • Well as a club we look at a lot of maps and we think we found a spot where we can claim there are some guys going to SD to look and test to see if there and then come back to tell us what they found. we even used Google earth, this is the first time I have seen Google earth work and all I can say is WOW. we look at the migg claim of GPAA and looked where I do my digging and someone cleaned out my hole that I have work in for four years now I have to find a new spot.

  • thank you!

  • thanks justin denig for joining the ndgpaa.

  • thanks riverdigger for comeing aboard.

  • So what is everyone doing at this point in time.  Im dreaming of Nome

  • Hello to everyone Im here in Alaska Of course and I just wanna say hello

  • thanks John cline for joining the group not much going on here but the big freezes.

  • No worries durant not much happening up here in Northern B.C. either with the winter snow flying as i.m typing this post lol.

  • Thanks for joining minkos61~Ernie not much going on here in the winter, but we do meat the second Wenesday of the mouth starting in Jan. If you get down here PM me and you never no what may happen.

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