Montana Gold Magnets is a club we are starting to encourage the discovery of precious metals.  Join us in our studies and outtings and lets all find some gold!  Located in Helena Montana and expanding all over Montana!

Oro-y-Plata Mas Montana

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  • Very nice. I received my Associates from the U of M in Missoula.

  • Congrats MGM where are you going to school?

  • Congratulations,very happy for you!!!!


  • Love the new logo and wish I could go, but don't have 4 wheeler or time right now.

  • This ATV prospecting trip is going to be a kick in the butt. So far my 2 arctic cat 700's and Daves CanAm commander 1000 are going. I have a trailer that can be hauled behind an ATV going also so we have plenty of room for hauling some equipment if someone would like to go. 

  • Sounds like a fun outing, hope you get a great bunch of folks and have a good time chasing the yella stuff.

    Good luck!


  • I would love to get in on that action as well.

  • You know Josh that could be a good class to put on. LOL  I bet I could get Dave and Carlos to show up and maybe even my brother inlaw who got me started in this crazy hobby and my father inlaw. I know some of the members on here have helped me with some great reading material. But I know I learn better by having hands on.

  • Hay Tony do a search on here for how to read a stream. That is one of the things I seem to have a problem with. Some very good write-ups on here.

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