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  • I would imagine the public outcry if he did kill that snake on TV LOL.   But i was thinking the same thing.     On a side note...remember Dakota Fred and Dustin?  I saw them post on FB that they are looking for crew members and are doing a TV show themselves.

  • At the end of season 5 the McKinnon claim owner promised Todd and crew 3 more years on the claim and now went back on his word and is kicking them off?
    Then on top of that Freddy Dodge released that rattlesnake on the Oregon claim instead of making a rattlesnake breakfast burrito out of it. What's up with all of that?
  • I heard that you can buy a truck load of pay dirt from Parker's mine. Does anyone have any info on this?
  • whats todd going to screw up this year??????

  • Episode 2 coming on soon. Its getting good and it's also so fun to watch all these drama queens and their mountains of gold.
  • The new ad for the next season has come out and it's kind of cheesy. They are dropping gold dust out from their hands as a metaphor? Yeah, there can only be one king! Haha! It's still good entertainment to see big piles of gold.
  • Has anybody heard anything yet about this new season coming up besides gene leaving

  • Gene quit Parker's crew to work for The Viking. I case anyone missed the extra episode tonight.
  • Hey guys sign up for a chance to win a deluxe panning kit and a hat signed by Parker. https://p.antavo.com/f/CYw/+1256/

  • "do you guys remember when to DakotaFred was talking about taking that cable ride across McKinley falls, when he was on the radio show, you have got to see this.  http://youtu.be/uqCwOnlS_rE"

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