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  • I run gold hog mats in my gold cube. They say it can't be done. They are way wrong...
  • Welcome Russel Meahl to the group

  • New member in Southwest Idaho running a Gold Hog Steam Sluice

  • 2960255253?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024hey what's up where is all the Hogsters I just was courious to what makes your Hog unique, your hog

  • I also have a sluice I made from a piece of scrap aluminum from scrap yard $.80 +$8 piece of aluminum for flare, and $60 for gold hog mats. wow this this surprised the heck out of me

  • I LOVE my Gold Hog Mini. I added 4" in height and 4" in length to top box so I could use a 3" hose.. I run a Honda pump just above idle. and this thing will gobble some dirt..

  • Our "Un-Official" Hogfest has been moved to Alabama Gold Camp -- June 6th, 7th, 8th.


  • I use UR matting in my Keene highbanker.  I have 6 riffles left from the original Keene riffle tray, and have some expanded metal in places.  My best test to date was up in AK a couple years ago.  In 3 days me and 2 others got about half an ounce.  My unit was first with their two sluices in series below mine.  We found two small pieces of gold in the second sluice and none in the third.  We were working some pretty heavy clay at one point, so we think the two pieces were in some clay and were flushed through my sluice before getting washed off.  Two other smaller tests had no gold leaving my sluice.   I'm definitely sold on the Gold Hog matting.

  • My better half (Claudia) has a sluice box with the (New) following combination -- Razorback - Razorback - Downdraft - Razorback - Razorback - Downdraft. We changed sluice box from all Razorback.  We haven't tried the scrubber cause most streams we have visited - we aren't able to get the velocity needed for the scrubber to work properly. We will be trying this new combination April 12 and 13 and will post update.


  • We are running scrubber,razorback, scrubber,razorback, razorback,razorback in a keene a52. Went out the last two weekends playing with it trying to find the right velocity. Does anybody use something similar. Wife wants to go again this weekend (gold hog fever)
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New Custom Hopper

I just did a test run of my dredge setup with the new Custom Hopper Box attached. I performed test in my breezeway with kiddie pool and just water - checking water flow - containment - and the HOPPER Passed with flying colors - can't wait for Alabama Gold Camp -- "UnOfficial Hogfest - June 6th till ? Thanx Lee DeWitt for designing and making an awesome hopper for my dredge setup - You Did An Excellent Job and anyone looking for someone to custom make some prospecting equipment - Contact Lee…

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Open Discussion

Anybody is welcome to start a topic to talk about. I am waiting on my new 2" North Star High Pressure Water Pump to be delivered so I can test my new 1 1/2" Hydro Force Nozzle out before I head to Llano River in Texas for the RRGPAA Outing on April 12th and 13th. The little 2.5hp 3120GPH pump I have wasn't big enough for the dredging nozzle - but works great as a highbanker - but I am thru with the shoveling - takes too much out of this old man and too long to recuperate. I will post a video of…

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