Hey everyone,

I made this group for all of us who are gold dowsers or anyone interested in the lost art of dowsing for gold or other treasures.. 

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  • Welcome to the Gold Dowsers Connection Paul, I hope you enjoy the group. 

  • Hey John, it really depends on what works best for you. I have them made out of copper coated steel, bronze, coat hanger, stainless steel. I am looking for aluminum rods to make a pair out of that because of something I read about aluminum's attraction to gold... So far the Bronze pair works about the best, I do like my bucket handle steel ones though...  

  • I made my set out of brazing rods. Try different types and see what worms best for you
  • Is there a specific type of metal that they have to be or one that works better? I have gotten a lot of mixed answers on this.
  • Welcome to Gold Dowsers Connection Josh, 

    First thing is get yourself a pair of dowsing rods and start to practice with them... Clear your mind and be specific with your questions... Right now it's been pretty slow in here but I am sure when the season is over and it starts getting colder there will be more activity in here... Til then I hope your rods lead you to the gold..


  • I'm am very interested in this. My grandfather swears by it. I have watched the YouTube videos. How does this work and how do I know if I'm doing it right. Besides you'll find gold.
  • Welcome to the Gold Dowsers Connection Group all new members... Please feel free to jump in and talk about what ever you would like.. 

    Henry, I am going to get my hands on a set of Colorado Gold Sticks here in a couple of weeks and will be messing around with them and making a video on them... I am sure it will be part of the Lost Arts of Prospecting Series...  

  • same idea the one I was seeing was a little different but I think it used the same principals.

  • Happy New Year's Fellow Dowsers and friends, 

    Are you talking about the Colorado Gold Rods Henry?  If so we can find out more about them for you.. I have seen some in action before and they seem to do a good job... 

    Hoping to hear some good dowsing stories this year... 

    Til then may you always have a Flash In Your Pan.. 

  • happy new year all,

    is anyone using a one of ge electronic gadgets that are thay sel to help dowsing find specific minerals. how do that work and what is the principle behind them
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