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  • Anybody in S.C. looking for opportunitie to dredge for gold?
  • I'm already a member of the Central Md. GPAA. They haven't had any events or meetings in the last 2 plus years. Plus I don't have Facebook. I am going to look into CVGP. Thanks for the info.

  • Well if its gold and camping you are looking for Central Virginia Gold Prospectors is a nicely run group with a bunch of properties. All have gold on them. For $100 a year (family included) it would pay for itself the first weekend out. Not to bad a drive from where you are.

    If you want something more local to you check out Central Maryland GPAA 

  • Hey Darth, I’m around Mt. Airy, but I don’t mind driving a little ways. If the spot is nice I’ll do a little camping if possible. Thanks for any info you can share it’s hard to find any good advice for this part of the country. 

  • Hey Jimmy .. where are you in MD? Give me a general location and I might be able to point you to a couple of places.

  • Thank you for the luck and tip.
  • OH! You're very fortunate!  wishing you the best of luck. FYI I have found quite a few sparkles by collecting moss, and panning it. 

  • I have a piece of property with a stream on it. So far I guess I’ve been lucky. I’ve never been messed with, I try to find spots were nobody really goes. And thank you Shad I’ll reach out to him.
  • Tried to....Maryland won't let you even take rocks out of the creeks. We were deep in the woods, in the creek, just playing and looking at rocks. A DNR lady steps out of the bushes and told us to put the rocks back! Big brother and sister are everywhere in Maryland.

  • Hey Jimmy, reach out to Darth Placer. I believe he is still in Maryland. Here is his profile link.;

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