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  • double high bankers with auto feed would love to find a div for one of these


  • Hello DIY   People 

    I hope to post some pictures of my home made highbanker soon. 

  • Hello everyone!!!  I'm wanting to make a 12 vdc motor operated bellows/puffer drywasher - does anyone have any plans, or does anyone know the measurements of a standard size drywasher of this type?  Also, does anyone know where to buy the 12 inch diameter pulley and one inch pulley for a 5/16th inch motor shaft for the belt drive?  Ibought a pretty strong 12vdc motor that I believe is for replacing a vehicle heater blower motor, so all I need for it is the 1 inch pulley for the 5/16" shaft.  I've seen these made out of wood on youtube, such as the Brewers Bellows Drywasher,  and feel this type washer may be the very best choice for very fine flour gold recovery, and the very fine gold is what I'm after.  Your help and assistance is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Regards to ALL!!!  

  • My friend Tim's Hollywood Highbanker.  He bought the top and bottom from me (California Sluice Box) for approx. $150.  He already had the pump, hose, dolly & PVC lying around. 




    Everything but the motor folds up nice and neat!  He has to run his motor/pump barely cracking the throttle.  (3" motor/pump) 


    I filmed this for him over Mother's Day 2013.


  • Spur, nice build on the tumbler. Do you have a pic of the entry to it?

  • number on choice id use is a rare earth magnets thoe.

  • one can look in to hard wood as an option or metl,as in angle 90% type, if usedin sandy dry conditions one must take in to play hte size of sands wich is going to be cought in the slider rails thisis goingto couse soem frektion some restion in sliding ferts, not much around that ,except an optiopnal aire hose to blow ht erails  clean befor adjusting ht eslideing door /gate, a magnectic such as the super rare  earth magnets  can also b emountd on or in a door useing magnets inplanted in ht esluice or dry washer exctra, yes rar earth magnts can be got andshuld hold in place a type of slider  door gate yu can get them in realy strong strenths now  days 10 to 100 pound  pull on one magnets theas are not cheap  thoe but may give you an idea and they will collect the magnetic blk sands that strey near i wouldnt use to heavy of a strenth though it can interfear wiht any action in a boxno ht emagnets arnt that larg and cna be realy strong espeshaly if you use them so they pull to gether to one anotherid think oen could use a metal inplanted on th ebox and magnets to hold the door in place .walla done deal. 

  • Lloyd and Spur,  thanks much for your ideas!!!  What to use for slider rails is what I'm having the most problems trying to figure out, that I can  screw onto the box for the sliding door sides to slide on securely, and will keep the door in place over the air vent hole or holes, and still be able to slide the door open or closed without a scad of effort.  Someone advised I use some sort of aluminum stripping, BUT what type stripping is where I'm lost. 

  • you can use a slice of wood cardboard or cloth to reduce inlet aire flow. toss sack  light mtrl screen with guny sack onit , or card board and rabit whire whre to reinforc the card board light ply wood panel .plastic !hmm for that matter use a sercul pice of plastic nd be able to twist it ifit has an opeing and the seond pice has an opeing as yu slid the sercul opeings to gehter its fuly opend as you close them of fil reduce ht eaire  flow sinc youl never hwnat it to be completly closed perhaps this can work.as a damper on an old wood stove actes in this way .

  • Hello All!!!  I'm still working on the airsluice, with only one thing left to figure out, and would GREATLY appreciate ideas as to how I should go about setting up a sliding door over the air release hole/s at the top end of the riffle box,  so the amount of air release is adjustable.  Should I mount the slide rails on the inside or outside, and what are some ideas for the door and rails materials?  I've been thinking one quarter inch ply, or some other thin cheap material for the square adjuster door, and am lost as to what I should use for the rails for the door to slide under - something similar to the way an adjustable drywasher hopper feed is set up?  What to use and how to go about making the rails is my present dilemma.

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Home build of Highbanker/2" dredge combo

Hello Group,  To anyone interested:    My name is Paul, I live just outside atlanta, in east point,GA.             I recently decided to build my own unit based on the Gold Hog Viper with a few changes and a few tricks up it's sleeve. Will talk about those as the build progresses.     Why do it myself?    Nothing against Gold Hog or any of their machines or products, I'm using their mats.      2 things-- cost, and the challenge of the build. 1st the cost Researched for about 2 months and found…

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