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  • What are us californians doing this year to find gold with the stupid restrictions we have? I was planning on using a gravity dredge but i see they screwed that one up too.
  • Amra has some claims in that area with water also the delta gold diggers have some too.they have an outing coming up look them up on

  • Not sure of any public spots look at AMRA American mining we have many claim in California that have water. Also look into local GPAA
  • Hi folks,

    I'm a newbie to prospecting and just got myself a Keene A51 sluice. I'm looking forward to taking it to a stream soon. I'm looking for easily accessible public spots where I can legally use a sluice with a decent chance of finding some gold -- anywhere as north as Paradise/Magalia to as south as Jamestown/Sonora.  I know about Bear River Campground and I've been to Electra Road along the Mokelumne.  Any other suggestions for this beginner  (if you don't mind sharing) would be appreciated!  thanks!

  • Dont miss this one, a lot going on here gold panning tubs full of gold,prizes, food great people and learn whats going on in the fight to keep public land public. new mining districts in 50 states, it all helps in the fight so come out and show your support

    he time is now to reserve your place at Oktoberfest. Many great prizes will be given out to those in attendance including two drywashers, 3 metal detectors and some NICE gold nuggets!

    Sign up here:

    PLP/MMAC Oktoberfest Fundraiser 4-day event! All outdoor groups welcome, gold prospecting, metal detecting, off-roading, hiking, dirt biking & more! YOU GET ...
  • I am going up to Yosemite this October with the family and plan on doing a little prospecting on the way in and out.  Currently I am looking at the Briceburgh/ Bagby area and would appreciate any suggestions/help.  We  typically go to Azusa in So Cal and am set up for sluicing and panning.

  • Hi spur,just got back from two weeks up on feather river found some gold ,caught some fish.was a great Facebook for me.
  • A few places to go in Cali..

  • Any Kern County prospectors in here?

  • welcome to the grope... i too am a 3rd generation miner. base camp is in san jose but the spike camp is in loma rica. check out my posts if you do any sniping ... i got a great little tool I call the sniper budy.

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Best GPS Units for prospecting

So a lot of the GPAA claims here in California are located on or off of forestry roads. I visited my first GPAA claim a few weeks ago and my friend brought along his Tom Tom navigation device and it got us there just fine so I was thinking of buying one (not a tom tom probably a Magellan). What are your guys thoughts on this? What is the best and might I ad more affordable GPS unit for finding claims?

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Made a trip out there a couple years back. Good god, there are more claim signs around there than flights out of LAX!!!!!!!!!! Did find some color though! Just too far to drive for me, normally! Unless I could spend more than one or two days, that is! Most of my desert prospecting, I do out by Yuma in the Potholes area! Always get color, some days more than usual! This past Feb, Mar & Apr I spent a week each! Didn't find the mother lode, but then, Potholes isn't known for giving up any big…

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