Ultra fine gold 1 five gallon bucket of tailings from his mining operation. It was very heavy clay material and he had tried everything on the market. Nothing else worked very well. But the Lil gold spinner recovered a lot of fines he was missing.
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  • By the way there was jet dry in that pan. the gold is 300 mesh or so. it would float out if you did the paint stirrer trick because it was so small.

  • Like the shiny!

  • I saw another method for curing that problem.  1.  Leave material in bucket  2.Add Jet Dry 3. Get an electric or battery powered drill and a paint stirrer (long, for tall buckets)  4. Stir it up while gently adding more water.

    Eventually, the clay will dissipate, leaving only the heavies.  Then pan it.  It sounds involved, but it's really easy and effective.  I saw this at a Jeff Williams outing in Nevada.

  • Yeah, I guess so!  Looks like you could use a little Jet Dry in there!

  • Wow nice!!!

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