Boulder lift 001

Boulder lift 001
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  • These should work for you if you want to build one2960224538?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  •  Cecil;  I don't have any more pictures of it, and at this time

    it is in north GA. at a friend of mine. As you can see in the photo's

    it use's four dredge floats that I bought from Keene. The large

    plates (4) have angle iron welded on the bottom side that fit

    the recess area of the floats; on the top side of them in the center

    is a piece of 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" pipe ( don't remember what size I used )

    the long legs slip into them and there is a center top piece that has

    four pieces of pipe to receive the long legs, This piece also has a 1/4"

     length of flat 1/4" welded in the center of said top piece to serve as

     a hanger for a 1 ton chain hoist . Square  tubeing ; one long piece with

     a tee welded on it's end reaches across the span and through the top

      metal of the float  and a short piece of square tubing with a tee on it go's

     through the metal part of the float from the outside like the long one's.

     these are cut to length after the long legs are installed to get them the

     corect length. These cross piece slip together and are pinned to keep

     them joined when in use. I had a cable net made as a cable shop that

     was a lighter weight that the one I bought from Keene.

     To use float into position over boulder, put rock net over it and tighten

     the chain hoist untill snug, then move off to side and tighten untill

     boulder is up high enough to float out of your way. The chain hoist

     I used had 20 ft of lift chain and about that much drive chain on it

     so I could move off to the side for safety. I'll try to work up some

     plans of this and post them later. If you live where you can's dredge

     now and have a dredge with floats for a 5 or 6" dredge you can use them

     other wise you need to buy them. This float will handle boulders up to

     about 400# safely by one person while on the bottom.

  • exactly how does this work as a boulder lifter?more pictures please or drawings?

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