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  • Nice
  • Thank you Tony and congrats on the win .and that is a great looking pile of gold

  • As last weeks winnar,   I had an awesome time panning and re panning Jimbos bag of dredge cons,  - It was a very nice bag - see pic 1.09 gr.

    but let me start off with,  I am, and will always maintain that MDV has THE BEST when it comes to pay dirt, hands down. he will always be the top on my list.

    SO THANK YOU Jimbo!,  Tim!, and the rest of the Gold prospector family!,  Its always awesome to have your name called for the win!

    The pics,   A few birthday bags from MDV, and holy happy birthday to me,  His AWESOME chunky gold is always a blast to pan through.

    The 1.09 gr  was last weeks winning bag from Jimbos Gold.  I was pleasantly surprised,  ya know, when you win these contests,   they arent lil ol boobie prizes folks.  They are the REAL DEAL!!

    Such an awesome week of panning!

    Thanks again!

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