Petersburg, WV

What type of prospecting do you do?

A little of all

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A friend

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  • I live in Maysville. Would you like to get together to go looking for gold.

  • I'm glad to hear she is doing well but always sorry to hear of the pain side . Prayers are still with you Guy's comfort would be my wish for Her.  I'm hoping Shes healthy and on the road with you again soon. I always enjoy Your post's !

  • Thanks! Reminded me of the S. Fork, where I have spent some time (not prospecting, though). Beautiful country!
  • Great photos of your prospecting this summer!  What river is that?  Glad you all had a great summer and I hope you got some good gold!  Look forward to the gold pictures!!
  • hey wht's up guys?  how's the prospecting business doing , any good finds yet?  well sence our return back home gold Man and I went fishing with a church buddy.  lott'a fishing going on here. gold Man caught abt 25-30 and i caught 14, but lue our friend caught abt 50 Porgies.  they look like croppies I guess.  I'm looken at your pic's and boy they look great and great shots to.  We're coming along with our panning and blue bowling tht we've purchesed.  We get a big kick out of watching it work and seperating the gold from the b/sand.  To God be the glory and and praise his most holy name.  Gold Man asks abt you all the time, wants to know how r things.  sure wish I knew how to upload pics from my digital cam. 
  • We will be here in Jan and we will be on site 14. Hope to see you guys again .


  • we really like it here ,but now there is not many people here . We will be here til Sept 17

    then going to a camp ground out the road then Dec 28 we are coming back here for  the outing then staying 3 months .


  • Just want to say thank you for leaving us us your highbanker Monday . Hope to see you again ... sorry we didnt see you to say good bye Tue morning . We had a great time at Vein Mountain . Please keep in touch .
    Dave and Doreen Reed
  • nice site
This reply was deleted.